Strong Barrier Protection with Outstanding Stain Resistance

OmniBloq is the Powerful New DWR that Shields You from the Storm.

Breathable, lightweight, and stormproof—repelling the elements without bulky membranes, OmniBloq is in a class all by itself. OmniBloq is highly engineered protection and comfort for:


OmniBloq: Keeping Flylow Gear Dry As A Bone – Textile World

A New Category of Protection

Most water repellents can keep your garment dry, at least in light rain. But heavy rains will easily push through them. And while a waterproof laminate can keep the heavy rains out, it won’t protect you from becoming “sweat wet.” The problem is clear—moisture, once trapped within your garment, is the enemy of comfort.

OmniBloq is the solution.

This groundbreaking finish delivers breathable, stormproof protection unlike any other. It provides laminate-like rain resistance without inhibiting breathability. Simply put, OmniBloq keeps the rain off and gets the sweat out.

  • Recyclable
  • Non-PFOA Technology
  • Passes Rain Test (AATC 35-2013)
  • Breathable
  • Defends Against Water, Oils & Stains
  • Stormproof Protection

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